Consumer Reports has named the Chevy Silverado 1500 its “top-rated truck.”

Here is an excerpt from Luisa Navarro’s article at CNNMoney:

2014 chevrolet silverado 1500


Consumer Reports has named the Chevy Silverado 1500 its “top-rated truck.”

The vehicle trumped Dodge’s Ram 1500, which came in second-place, the magazine announced on Tuesday.

The Silverado, made by General Motors (GM, Fortune 500), has a more ample cargo bed, several hundred pounds of greater payload capacity, and can also tow a heavier trailer — up to 11,200 pounds, the magazine said.

Plus, the Silverado’s easy-to-raise and lower tailgate, corner bump steps, and a lower step-in height make it more convenient for some consumers, it said

The magazine also found that Chevy’s truck delivered the best-in-class fuel economy of 16 mpg overall — one mpg more than the Ram.

Tuesday’s announcement is another win for General Motors and Chevrolet. Earlier this year, Consumer Reports gave the newly redesigned Impala sedan rave reviews. Previous generations of the Impala have scored at the bottom of its class in Consumer Reports’ tests.

Consumer Reports is considered to be the single most influential publication among car shoppers. Unlike other auto review outlets, the magazine doesn’t accept any advertising and it buys all the cars it tests, rather than relying on cars provided by manufacturers.